What to look for when hiring a limo in Perth

Do your research.
It’s important to ask around first before making a reservation. Ask your friends or colleagues  if they can recommend a limo company. If none of the people you know can help you, search the internet. Research the price range, the reputation of a limo company, and the different options you have when hiring a limo in Perth. Make sure they are part of and accredited organisation like an association.

Do request for a quote.
Requesting a quote is definitely ideal since it gives you an estimate of how much the trip would cost. Make sure to include all the necessary details so the company can give you an accurate rate. Ask if there are charges for overtime and what they are.

Do ask questions.
Always ask questions. Ask if there are any extra charges besides the hourly rate like gratuity, drinks, and travel time fee. Ask if there’s a minimum duration hire required or if you can have the trip for a flat rate. Ask how long the chauffeur has been working for the company and well they know Perth.


Don’t forget to ask for a confirmation with itinerary details.
After making the reservation, secure a confirmation of your reservation which includes the pickup time, duration of the trip, the addresses, and any other stopovers. Get it in writing and there is no confusion

Don’t forget to ask for a receipt.
After the trip is done, always ask for a receipt. They can always send a receipt through email.

Keep this do’s and don’ts in mind every time you hire a limousine service. This will serve as your quick guide in order for you to find a great limo company who provides excellent customer service.

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