Wedding Hummer Perth

Wedding limousines are the specialist limousines that are normally classic cars such as Holdens and Buicks. Most people prefer to keep the bridal party together as opposed to having several cars, and if the bridal party is large the best form of wedding transport in Perth is a Stretch Hummer.

Groups of 8 or more benefit from the space and being in a Hummer will give you space to move around and do those last minute touch ups to make up or any other wardrobe alterations. It is traditional in Hummer fo rthe bride and brides father to occupy the rear seat on the way to the wedding and the bride and groom for after the ceremony.

The drinks are on ice to help celebrate afterwards and the music gets turned up as you relax after the hard bit. Its the quality time of day that you get to spend with your siblings and closest friends. The best way to enjoy this is in the comfort and space of a stretch Hummer.

Colour of your wedding Hummer is the next option, should it be white, black or pink. White has always been traditional throughout the centuries but that is now changing in western countries as a myriad of colours are used. The most popular colour for a wedding Hummer in Perth last year was black. The reasons are firstly people are looking to break from the old traditions and secondly it is the best colour to show off a brides dress. It is very cool looking and does stand out in wedding photos where it makes a great backdrop.

There has been an increasing number of people looking to do the unusual when it comes to weddings and the pink Hummer is becoming more and more popualr. Its a fun, vibrant feel, for those that want to take a little starchiness out of the wedding day.

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