School Balls Perth

School Ball Limos Perth

It is coming up to school ball season and so the feeding frenzy begins in the limo industry. Between and now and the end of May about 100 school balls will take place some at big hotels in Perth, some more conservatively in smaller venues or even the schools own hall.

Limo hire is a popular part of the evening and some unscupulous owners will be letting kids down as people offer more money for already booked spots.

A Guide to booking your school ball limo.

Firstly do not pay too much. Around $99-$120 per head is the correct amount to pay for a Hummer limousine and around $50 or $60 for an older 10 seater or van.

Secondly ask lots of questions about the operator. Remember he should be selling his service rather than slagging everyone else off just to get your business. In this day and age if the Hummer does not have a smoke machine, lasers, karaoke, undercar lighting and an uprated stereo then you should not be booking them. They are quite frankly a lazy operator who has not bother to update their stretch Hummer limo.

Thirdly, ask about the compny, how long have they been around?, what trade organisation do the y belong to?, what is the back up if a car breaks down etc.

Lastly just make sure you are happy with who you are talking to, do they make you feel confident about your booking, have they asked for a credit card deposit etc. You can generally get a feel. A good way to judge is whether thay have asked to speak to the credit card holder. It all builds a picture of trust and reliability.

Limo hire in Perth is a here today gone tomorrow business make sure you deal with professionals when booking your limousine for your School ball in Perth.

If you have any questions please do not hesitiate to give us a call and we will help you through the questions you have. Call Carly 0437 546 642 or freecall 1800 09 02 07