School ball limo hire Perth tips.


  • Remember to have a look around, to find the best quote for your needs. The cheapest is not always the best. Make sure the company has a proper showroom and is not just operating ut of his garage.
  • Research different companies before deciding on which to go for.
  •  Check on line reviews to see how other customers bookings have fared.
  •  View the vehicle before booking so you know what you will get on the day, and how suitable it will be.
  • Try and fill the limo you choose to ensure the cost per head is the cheapest.
  • When you come to pay the deposit to secure the limo ensure you collect a contribution from all passengers.
  •  When booking, make sure you have the right addresses and times and double check everything on the booking form including the price and terms of conditions.
  •  Make sure you ask how much deposit and when the balance needs to be paid by, so that you’re not caught out on the day.
  • If you are sharing the cost of the limo make sure you get the remaining balance from the other passengers well before the date of the prom.
  • Do ont book a company that spends their time slagging off other companies, this is very unprofessional and negative and not really the sort of company you want to be associated with on the happiest of days.
  • This info on limo hire Perth was provided by  Limo Hire Perth by Perth Stretch Hummers