Perth Limo Hire Rates to remain static

Since the beginning of the global financial crisis rates for limo hire in Perth have fallen comparatively. In 2005 the rate for a 10 seater stretch limo in Perth was around the $200-$250 mark. In 2011 that rate remains unchanged but the cost of livng including houses petrol bed and a tin of beans has nearly doubled.

The reason for this is the increase in the number of limousines and the frequency of use. In around 2007 we started to see a higher class of limo enter the Perth market including the now popular Chrysler 300c. The Chryslers started life at $495 an hour but when Perth reached saturation point, with around 35 cars, that figure started to drop back to around $250-$300 with some operators doing deals for less than that midweek.

The Statesman and Fairlane 10 seaters are now coming in at around the same or lower bringing the whole industry to around the same levels as 6 years ago.

The limos that are bucking the trend are the stretch Hummers. There are 19 of these in Perth but the rates have held steady, apart from one or two desperate operators who will do you a cash deal in one of the older Hummers.

Despite the prices remaining unchanged in 6 years limos in Perth are now offering a better deal for customers as the limos themselves are certainly more “full on” than they were. It not unusual to find lasers and touch screens tv’s now sitting alongside the silkwood bars of old.

If you are thinking of hiring a limo in Perth anytime soon the best advice we can give is not to go with the cheapest but with who you like on the phone and the company that sounds like they want to give you a good time. We can tell you one limousine company that advertises as the cheapest Hummer, is also by no coincidence the quietest Hummer bookings wise.