Pink Hummer in Perth popular with boys.

Pink Hummers are not just for the girls, according to a survey carried out by Perth Streth Hummers over 35% of pink Hummer bookings were made by males for mixed sexed parties. Hen nights in Perth are one of the most popular functions followed byy childrens parties and adult birthday parties.

At first it was thought that it would be all girls, girls, girls but a lot of men just love the whole pink Hummer vibe. The Hummer has a great interior with additional lighting, lasers and even a smoke machine, which is just awesome.  From the moment the pink Hummer pulls up then the flashing lights underneath and the pumping sound system  gets whoops of delight. The paintwork is a subtle pearlescent pink  which cost over $25k. Inside the pink Hummer has karaoke, a west bar, 14 champagne flutes, leather seating  a great flor to ceiling light show plus the lasers and smoke machine.

A specially devised music system means that you can plug in an ipod or access over 3000 songs and musci videos at the touch of a button.

To hire a pink birthday Hummer or Hen night Hummer then call 1300 PINK HUMMER or vist