Nominated best Limousine Hire Perth

The Limo directory, which lists over 2,500 limo comapnies across the whole of Austrlia, will be opening its doors for the best limo hire in Perth.  As a limo hire comapny operating for ober 7 years in Perth we will be entering and hoping to reach the final. We pride ourselves on our customer service and also the training of all our chauffeurs in Perth.

A fellow limo company recently remarked that we had been trianing one chauffeur for over 2 months and what could we possibly teach him that took so long. I would love to have been able to give him a long extensive answer to his question but then, he would know as much about the limo hire business in Perth.

The short version is this.

1 We need to know that all our chauffeurs know Perth extensively, not like the one company that turned up in Helena Valley when they should have been in Mt Helena. GPS systems are good, but they are not fool proof.

2 We need to know that they can handle the huge stretch Hummer limos around the streeets of Perth

3 We need to know that the customer service skills are second to none of all our chaufferus in Perth.

4 We need to know that if our customer is 8 or 80 that we can set the mood accordingly.

5 We need to know that you will be looked after and have a safe environment to enjoy uoir Perth limo experience.

As I say that is the short version, if you would like more detials thaen please do contact the website at  or call 0437 54 66 42.

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