Are there any 10 Seater Stretch Hummers in Perth?

All Hummers can seat 10 people whether it is a 14 seater or even bigger. There are no specific 10 seaters limos in Perth you silly hire a 14 seater and enjoy all the extra space for yourselves.

Hummer Mandurah Interior

Hummers are traditionally huge limos and if you want to make an impression then you need a big limousine in Perth. Quite often we get bookings for 2 people usually a couple on a special occasion that wants to enjoy the impressive limo.


10 Seater Hummer

So if you have 10 people in your group and you are in Perth or Mandurah and you need a Hummer just give this number a call get an exact quot, pick a colour and enjoy bar facilities with ice, nightclub style lighting, a great sound system you can plug into and most importantly the space to really spread out and enjoy yourself.

0437 546642. or fill out the no obligation enquiry form here. 


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How Much is a Hummer to hire in Perth?

How much is a Hummer to Hire in Perth is a popular question. Hiring a Hummer in perth is very easy and it is relatively inexpensive. If you are in the Perth Metro or Mandurah you can expect to pay around $395 for the first hour and around $495 for an hour and a half. Return packages start at $95 mid week and around $795 at weekends.

If you want longer hires the hourly rate comes down so for example a 4 hour booking is typically $995 and a 6 hour wine tour would be around $1200.Perth Hummer

If you are planning on having a drink then you need a 14 seater Hummer. In the 14 seaters you can legally BYO in others it is considered street drinking and carries a heavy fine if caught. 

I hope this provides the information you need. Hummers are a great way to start or finish a night off and with the price being around $28 per head based on the 14 it is not as expensive as most people think it is. 

To hire a Hummer in Perth just click on this  hi lighted link and you will be able to get an individual quote. Alternatively for an instant quote then you can call 0450 486637 and they will be able to check date, time exact price and choice of colour 

Hummers Perth are suitable for:

Hens Nights  


School Balls

Kids Limo Parties

Swan Valley Wine Tours


Race Meetings


In fact whatever the occasion a Hummer Perth Hummer-H2-Stretch-Limo-20-Passenger-Interiorwill make the night even more special. Call 0450 486637 now to get a quote for your next Hummer event. 

Hummers typically have lasers, smoke machines, nightclub style lighting, bars, ice, tv screens, undercar lighting and a spacious party area to enjoy socialising with friends and family. 

Please remember when booking your Hummer to check that you can legally drink inside the Hummer. It can make for an expensive night if stopped and charged with street drinking on your night out.

Click Here for Enquiry Form  or Call 0450 486637

Hummer Perth- Hummers in Perth. 



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Purple Hummer Perth

Wedding Cars PerthThere is only one purple Hummer in Perth. So you know you are getting the exclusive wedding experience with your choice of transport. This most stunning of Stretch Hummers is the ideal backdrop to any wedding and adds a unique flavour to the occasion.

From the stunning outside to the modern sleek inside boasting a bar with complimentary soft drinks and water on ice with glasses. Triple air con and soft leather seating ample for the larger wedding parties.

Perth Stretch Hummers are the largest dedicated Hummer limo company in WA and offer a service second to none for brides and grooms. To view this Hummer contact our wedding co-ordinator Carly who can arrange a viewing at your convenience at your place.



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16 Seater Hummer Limo Perth-No Drinking Allowed!

The Department of Racing Gaming and Liquor called the other day and whilst talking to them, they reiterated to me that you cannot BYO in a Hummer limo that seats more than 14 passengers. The representative explained that they are classed like party buses and it is considered street drinking. This opens hirers who consume alcohol in the 16 seater Hummers to an instant fine and the limo operator risks the suspension of their Omnibus licence.

As a company we have known this for a while and it is the reason we operate 14 seater Hummer limos in Perth. With the 14 seater and below ie Chrysler 300c and Statesman limos you are permitted to bring your own alcohol on board for consumption within the vehicle.

The next thing to consider is the number plate, I know this sounds ridiculous but there are different classes of limos and party buses. If you want to drink on board your limo needs to have an SCV plate or PT plate and be a stretched limo. If your limo has  a TC plate then you are not permitted to take alcohol on board with you for consumption. This means that some Mercedes Sprinter vans are allowed to have BYO and some are not. It is best to ask the individual operator at the time of enquiring.

The simple way to remember is TC number plate no drinking. 16 seater Hummer no drinking. Stretched limos 14 seats or below with SCV/PT plates then drinking on board is allowed.

Obviously these rules do not matter on school balls or under-age events, but if you want to start your night out with a couple of drinks whilst enjoying your limo experience  then make sure you book the right type of limo for you.

Here is a copy of the rules for your perusal.

Government of Western Australia Department of Racing, Gaming & Liquor

Effective Date: 18 July 2011 Last Amended: 30 March 2012 Next Review: March 2014 Exemptions to the Liquor Control Act 1988 Disclaimer This Policy is designed to provide information in regard to the subject matter covered, and with the understanding that the Director of Liquor Licensing is not passing legal opinion or interpretation or other professional advice. The information is provided on the understanding that all persons undertake responsibility for assessing the relevance and accuracy of its contents.

Small Charter Vehicles

The consumption of BYO liquor in small charter and country charter vehicles that are licensed by the Department of Transport, are exempt from the Act, provided that all of the following conditions are met: · The vehicle is capable of carrying 14 passengers or less (excluding the driver); · The driver of the vehicle does not allow a drunk person or a juvenile to consume liquor in the vehicle; · Any juvenile in the vehicle is accompanied by a ‘responsible adult’; and · The purpose of the vehicle hire cannot include transportation of one or more school students to or from a school based function (such as a school ball etc, regardless of whether the function takes place at the school or not). A vehicle is considered a small charter vehicle if it is licensed as an Omnibus and the number plates contain the words ‘small charter vehicle’ and ‘Western Australia’ (or ‘WA’). A vehicle is considered a country charter vehicle if it is licensed as a taxi-car under section 47ZD of the Transport Coordination Act 1966 and has the following conditions attached (or conditions to the same effect): § The vehicle must not have a taxi-metre fixed to it; § The vehicle must not display taxi signs; and § The vehicle must not be operated from taxi ranks, in plying for hire, or in soliciting passengers on roads or other public places for the purpose of hiring. A ‘responsible adult’ is defined in section 125(2)(b) as: “…an adult who is a parent, step-parent, spouse, de facto partner or legal guardian of the juvenile, or other person in loco parentis to the juvenile”. Where BYO liquor consumption takes place in a small charter vehicle, the vehicle is deemed to be ‘regulated premises’ under section 122 of the Act. Offence provisions under section 122 and section 115 therefore apply to the supply of liquor to juveniles and drunk persons, the consumption and possession of liquor by juveniles and the consumption of liquor by drunk persons on these premises. More details are available at          Whatever type of limousine you choose be safe and have fun.

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Wedding Groups are getting larger.

Wedding limo PerthWhite Wedding Hummer in Perth

As Perth recovers from the Globla Finacial Crisis so wedding parties are getting larger. With more groomsmen and more bridesmaids. Gone are the days of one or two groomsmen and bridesmais, the norm is four on each side. Along with the bride and groom that makes parties of 10.

The best way to travel is by limousine and there are 10, 12 and 14 seater limos around that can cater for these larger wedding parties in Perth.

With around 4 or 5 hours for wedding and photographs the limo has got to be a comfortable experience that you will enjoy. With larger dresses for a the girls the 10 seaters can be a little snug for cabin space. The next choice would be a Hummer limousine in Perth.

Not the most elegant vehicle but still beautiful spacious and impressive more and more brides are choosing a Hummer for their weddings,


With 14 seats and room for an esky the Hummer has vanity mirors and lots of space meaning you can retouch make up and enjoy drinks as you cruise round doing photos.

Whether you are going to the 5 Star  Crown Casino or  the elegant Caversham House a Hummer does not look out of place.

Perth Sttetch Hummers offers 14 seater Stretch Hummers in Diamond White, or Pearlescent Purple. With a unique 5th bridal door these Hummers are the top of the range with a full wedding package including ribbons on the bonnet to flowers on the inside and enough chilled water to keep you cool all afternoon.

Our WeddingCo-ordiantor Carly can assist you to make sure everything is running smoothly. Just giver her a call to arrange a viewing.

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Weddings in Perth Spring 2012

The 1st September is the official launch of the 2012/2013 wedding season. We go it off to a fine start with a wedding at Swan Shell at Burswood. We collected the bride from the Hyatt and transported back a married woman 5 hours later. Photos were taken at Hyde Park, East Perth and the old boathouse in Crawley. The weather was fantastic for the day and everyone had a great time in the stretch Hummer. The bridal party chose the White Hummer which is always the most popular choice for brides and grooms in Perth.

We have had a lot of interest in the purple stretch Hummer in Perth over th last few weeeks and it fits in with many brides colour schemes for the day.

We have around 30 wedings booked in and as the largest dedicated stretch Hummer limo company in Perth we have many years experience in looking after bridal parties

Beautiful bride and groom shot with white Hummer

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Wedding Cars Perth

The new wedding season is nearly here, again, and the phones have been running white hot. With just under a month to go before the season starts we have been very busy looking after wedding parties. The white stretch Hummer has been looking after Perth for 5 years, this is our second white Hummer replacing our original Hummer which we sold on.

Whatever you are looking for, with regards to wedding transportation the white Stretch Hummer by Dreamhost offers a service second to none. From the bonnet ribbons on the front thru to the silk flowers on the inside, you and your bridal party will be looked after very well  The bar inside is stocked with soft drinks, water and bubbly and you are more than welcome to bring along some more drinks with you.

We can pick up the groom first and whisk him the to the ceremony and then collect the bride and bridesmaids for the journey in. After the ceremony we are there to transport you to your photos in a lovely relaxed atmosphere, a time to share a few moments with your bridal party. The White stretch Hummer seats 14 people very comfortably.

Wedding Hummer
Perth Stretch Hummers White Hummer

Our wedding packages in Perth start from 3 hours on a Saturday and just 1 hour on Fridays and Sundays. To find out more info or to arrange a viewing at our showroom then simply call our wedding co-ordinator Carly Janes or visit the website by clicking the hilighted words Wedding Cars Perth

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Wedding Cars Mandurah

Mandurah now has its own local stretch Hummer limo company. Based just up the road in Rockingham perth Stretch Hummers is a leading supplier of Wedding cars in the Mandurah area. With three stretch Hummers in Black, pink and white we have got it covered for all the wedding car requirements of larger wedding parties in Mandurah.

All stretch limos operate from our Rockingham base and can be in most Mandurah suburbs within 20 minutes. We are knowledgeable of all wedding venues such as Mandurah Quays resort and Munja Gardens plus have an extensive knowledge of the local area when it comes to photographs and locations.

The wedding package includes red carpet, bonnet ribbons, interior flowers, soft drinks, ice, glasses, bubbly, ipod connection, PS3 and the serices of a uniformed chauffeur. This helps to ensure your wedding day goes smoothly from picking up the boys right through to dropping off the happy couple back at the hotel after the reception.

To arrange a viewing of our Hummer range please call Carly our wedding co-ordinator on 0437 546642.

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Wedding Hummer Perth

Wedding limousines are the specialist limousines that are normally classic cars such as Holdens and Buicks. Most people prefer to keep the bridal party together as opposed to having several cars, and if the bridal party is large the best form of wedding transport in Perth is a Stretch Hummer.

Groups of 8 or more benefit from the space and being in a Hummer will give you space to move around and do those last minute touch ups to make up or any other wardrobe alterations. It is traditional in Hummer fo rthe bride and brides father to occupy the rear seat on the way to the wedding and the bride and groom for after the ceremony.

The drinks are on ice to help celebrate afterwards and the music gets turned up as you relax after the hard bit. Its the quality time of day that you get to spend with your siblings and closest friends. The best way to enjoy this is in the comfort and space of a stretch Hummer.

Colour of your wedding Hummer is the next option, should it be white, black or pink. White has always been traditional throughout the centuries but that is now changing in western countries as a myriad of colours are used. The most popular colour for a wedding Hummer in Perth last year was black. The reasons are firstly people are looking to break from the old traditions and secondly it is the best colour to show off a brides dress. It is very cool looking and does stand out in wedding photos where it makes a great backdrop.

There has been an increasing number of people looking to do the unusual when it comes to weddings and the pink Hummer is becoming more and more popualr. Its a fun, vibrant feel, for those that want to take a little starchiness out of the wedding day.

To find out more on Hummer weddings

Wedding Limo Perth

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