Limousines Perth MTA membership

When you book a limo in Perth it is hard to know whether it is going to turn up or not. There are literally dozens of people with tales of woe and non existent limos in Perth. There are just as many that report that a few days before the booking that the limo has come down with some mysterious bout of mechanical failure that will need a team of trained mechanics three months to repair it. One limo operator even told his clients the car had been written off but was in fact sold inter state. Most of these cancellations are due to the operator being offered more money by another client

A much used example of this would be say a concert in Perth. A client phones and books a limo for a Wednesday night in July. The Perth limo operator grateful for a mid week winter booking will quote a very low price. Now all of a sudden the phone is ringing hot for this date and the limo operator has realized there is a concert on and he has sold his Perth limo too cheaply. He then quotes larger amounts, despite already being booked, and if he gets a new client at the higher rate, he will simply cancel the first booking citing some mechanical problem.

There are ways to try and avoid this scenario and questioning the limo company hard about replacement vehicles, contingency plans, is one of them. The other is to book a member of the MTA.

The MTA is the motor traders association of Western Australia and they have a very strong code of ethics. Their members are top limo operators in Perth and as such you are dealing with the cream of the Perth limo hire industry. is one such comapny, the MD sits on the committee and they are responsible for meeting with the Government Departments responsible for legislation. The people that attend the meetings and are concerned about the industry are usually the top operators.

The next time you book a limo just ask if the company is amember of the MTA like Limousines Australia  Hughes Limousines ste.