Last Minute Limo Hire Perth deals

Well as we approach the winter season some limousines wheels will begin to grind to a halt. As the nights draw in and Perth tends to hibernate the limo hire Perth industry gets quieter and quiter until the end of September.

This is good news for the customers as it means there are good deals to be had. The best way to snag a great deal is to leave the booking until as late as possible. If your job is on Saturday do not book until the Wednesday. Limo hire companies in Perth will be desparate tofill those empty holes in their booking schedules and bing a nice win win when you save maybe a $100 on the list price.

Do not believe those companies offering 50% off who advertise on Google. Its just and advertising ploy to get you to call and then they double the rate only to half it.

You should be paying arounf $300-$350 an hour for a Chrysler 300c and around $495 for a Hummer this time of year, be a little suspicious at rates substantially below or above these prices. As mentioned in a previous blog there is a reason some operators are very desparate.

If you would like a last minute deal on a Hummer then call 0450 HUMMER (486637) or visit