Last minute limo hire bargains Perth

Perth Stretch Hummers has just launched Last minute limo hire bargains in Perth, Western Australia. The service operates 7 days a week in Perth.  The system is very simple, a client who is looking to hire a limo at very short notice can phone up and find a limo that is local and available at very short notice. Many limos in Perth have one or two jobs a night and have a lot of downtime. This new service allows people to take advantge of this downtime at short notice.

If you are in a restaurant and decide to get a limo across town to a limo to the casino then simply call 0437 546642 to see if there is a limo locally that is available for a quick transfer. You may just want to get home and not stand in the queue for a taxi then call last minute limo hire and get home in comfort for a fraction of the price of a limo.

Last minute limo hire is going to be the benchmark for those quick last minute trips out. You might be say home on a Saturday night and a group of you might decide to go out last minute, simply call last minute limo hire and grab a limo hire bargain.

The type of limos range from 10 seaters through to stretch Hummer limos in Perth. Prices will be a frction of the normal hire rates and it will be a win win situation for limo hire operators in Perth and also people searching for a limo hire in Perth.

Of course if you want a specific time and a specific date then it is still best to book your limo hire through the normal route. is one such operator who operates in the last minute family.