Black Stretch Hummers in Perth Most popular

The single most popular colour for stretch Hummer limousines in Perth is black. There are about 12 of them in Perth with pink stretch Hummers being the second most popular and then grey and white tying in third and then red. The black stretch Hummers look very sleek and very cool. When you add the bling bling of chrome wheels and chrome trim you are looking at traffic stopping stretch Hummers.

Everybody likes black , which is funny becuase only about 4 years ago, everyone in Perth associated black limos with funerals.

One limo operator, who carefully follows trendS is Simon Dagnall who owns. used to have a white Hummer but now owns botha black stretch Hummer and one of only three Pink Hummers in Perth.

” I looked abroad and could see the pattern being set in the UK and the US, you can see the Oscar ceremony is full of black limos, whereas a few years ago it was white ones. In the UKthe pink stretch Hummers are very popualr and the trend is coming to Perth.

The other stretch Hummer limos are just not getting around as much and one company is adding its first black Hummer to its fleet after three years becuase its missing out on business”

The black stretch Hummers vary a lot. Some are quite plain whilst others have undercar lighting, lasers and smoke machines. you can see the pink and black Hummer at