50 Cent chooses Perth Hummer

On a recent trip to Perth international rap star  50 Cent chose Perth Stretch Hummers to take  him to the after Party after his recent concert appearance at Challenge Stadium.

In the past Perth Stretch Hummers have been chosen to transport such luminaries as Natalie Bassingthwaite, Marcia Hines, Adam Gilchrist Jessica Marai and even Flo Rida.

50 cent who is worth in excess of $300 million dollars chose a black Hummer as his mode of transport and the promoter selected Perth Stretch Hummers.

Owner Simon Dagnall said  “this was a greaat honour we got the call and at first I thought it was a wind up but soon realised it was serious” 50 Cent is one of the biggest R & B stars in the world and he chose Perth Stretch Hummers.

50 Cent a fan of Perth Stretch Hummers.