Limo Hire Perth-Stretch Hummers

When you read peoples websites in relation to the services thay are offering, you need to know that some limo operators use something called hyperbole. It is basically talking up their Hummer limousines in Perth. Some are funny, others downright misleading and some so outrageous that they deserve  mention here.

In the funny category there is Fantasy Hummer limousines who claim to have been running Hummer limousines in Perth for 11 years before they got here. He also claims to be an inventor, one imagines the white haired bloke in Back to the Future, but no this man “invented” karaoke in limos.

Several companies claim to have the longest stretch Hummers in Perth, these include Impact and A1. The honour belongs to Showtime Limousines., and them alone.

To us here at Perth Stretch Hummers we believe in telling the truth and that way customers are not disappointed with our service. We claim to have the busiest White Stretch Hummer for Weddings in 2012 and it is the case. We claim to have the only Purple Hummer, and it is true. We do not mention size of wheels and being “inventors” or claim to have the biggest Hummer, when we do not. We  have a purple  white and pink Hummer and we can promise you the best time when you hire us. Its really that simple!