How To Hire a limo for your School Ball in Perth


School Ball Limo PerthIts School Ball season in Perth and people are organising their stretch limos for events in February, March April and May. Here is an article that will give you some tips for hiring a stretch limo in Perth, so that you and your friends get the best out of the experience.

When you see the ads and listings in Google you will see that everyone is a specialist at providing limos for school balls in Perth in order to sort out the wheat from the chaff here are some questions you need to ask.

  1. Who will be driving my limo?   The person on the phone that you book it with can be as nice as you like, but if they send you out a not care driver who is doing his second job, then the whole experience can be ruined. I have heard stories of drivers not knowing how to turn up zircon or even how to plug an iPod into the sound system. Make sure you ask for and get the most experienced friendliest driver they have.
  2. How old is my limo? The pictures on the website are expertly taken and so generally not show the true condition of a limo. You are paying big bucks and you want to make sure it is a shiny limo and that everything works well. All Hummers are relatively new although they did stop making them in 2008 so do not listen to stories of brand new for Hummer limos.The WHite limo seats 14 and makes a great way to get to your school ball.
  3. How long do we get? An hour might seem reasonable for a limo hire for a school ball, but on average it takes 20 minutes to leave the house after parents have photographed you with partners an siblings. By the time you get to Kings Park (or elsewhere) for photos and then onto the hotel, it all seems rather pushed. Ask your limo hire company for one and half hours so that you know you will not be rushed.
  4. Whats in the limo? Is there an iPod connection controlled from the rear?  Is the air con super cold? What sort of lighting is there?
  5. Is there a Complimentary photo shoot. Rather than have parents follow you to Kings Park or South Perth foreshore, it is best to get the chauffeur to take some group and individual shots and send them on to you later, it is more convenient and takes the stress out over bringing a good quality camera with you.
  6. Afters? Will the limo take you home to get changed and onto afters without complaint or resistance. Remember its your big night and the limo company should be obliging to your needs. The last thing you need is limo driver growling about having to go back to your first before heading not afters.
  7. Cancellations and breakdowns? Ask your limo company what contingency they have for breakdowns. Many is the time that a limo company has phoned the week before a school ball to say they cannot make it. it usually means that the company has had a better offer so ask the right questions to make sure this does not happen to you.

All in all these questions should help get the answers you need and help make a decision about which limo operator in Perth you should choose. If you want oo discuss your requirements or have any questions then you can always give us a call on 0437 546642.


Theis blogpost was written by Perth Stretch Hummers who have 11 years experience in providing limos and excellent customer service here in Perth. Purple Hummer for Classy hen night ideas