Are there any 10 Seater Stretch Hummers in Perth?

All Hummers can seat 10 people whether it is a 14 seater or even bigger. There are no specific 10 seaters limos in Perth you silly hire a 14 seater and enjoy all the extra space for yourselves.

Hummer Mandurah Interior

Hummers are traditionally huge limos and if you want to make an impression then you need a big limousine in Perth. Quite often we get bookings for 2 people usually a couple on a special occasion that wants to enjoy the impressive limo.


10 Seater Hummer

So if you have 10 people in your group and you are in Perth or Mandurah and you need a Hummer just give this number a call get an exact quot, pick a colour and enjoy bar facilities with ice, nightclub style lighting, a great sound system you can plug into and most importantly the space to really spread out and enjoy yourself.

0450 486637 or fill out the no obligation enquiry form here.