16 Seater Hummer Limo Perth-No Drinking Allowed!

The Department of Racing Gaming and Liquor called the other day and whilst talking to them, they reiterated to me that you cannot BYO in a Hummer limo that seats more than 14 passengers. The representative explained that they are classed like party buses and it is considered street drinking. This opens hirers who consume alcohol in the 16 seater Hummers to an instant fine and the limo operator risks the suspension of their Omnibus licence.

As a company we have known this for a while and it is the reason we operate 14 seater Hummer limos in Perth. With the 14 seater and below ie Chrysler 300c and Statesman limos you are permitted to bring your own alcohol on board for consumption within the vehicle.

The next thing to consider is the number plate, I know this sounds ridiculous but there are different classes of limos and party buses. If you want to drink on board your limo needs to have an SCV plate or PT plate and be a stretched limo. If your limo has  a TC plate then you are not permitted to take alcohol on board with you for consumption. This means that some Mercedes Sprinter vans are allowed to have BYO and some are not. It is best to ask the individual operator at the time of enquiring.

The simple way to remember is TC number plate no drinking. 16 seater Hummer no drinking. Stretched limos 14 seats or below with SCV/PT plates then drinking on board is allowed.

Obviously these rules do not matter on school balls or under-age events, but if you want to start your night out with a couple of drinks whilst enjoying your limo experience  then make sure you book the right type of limo for you.

Here is a copy of the rules for your perusal.

Government of Western Australia Department of Racing, Gaming & Liquor

Effective Date: 18 July 2011 Last Amended: 30 March 2012 Next Review: March 2014 Exemptions to the Liquor Control Act 1988 Disclaimer This Policy is designed to provide information in regard to the subject matter covered, and with the understanding that the Director of Liquor Licensing is not passing legal opinion or interpretation or other professional advice. The information is provided on the understanding that all persons undertake responsibility for assessing the relevance and accuracy of its contents.

Small Charter Vehicles

The consumption of BYO liquor in small charter and country charter vehicles that are licensed by the Department of Transport, are exempt from the Act, provided that all of the following conditions are met: · The vehicle is capable of carrying 14 passengers or less (excluding the driver); · The driver of the vehicle does not allow a drunk person or a juvenile to consume liquor in the vehicle; · Any juvenile in the vehicle is accompanied by a ‘responsible adult’; and · The purpose of the vehicle hire cannot include transportation of one or more school students to or from a school based function (such as a school ball etc, regardless of whether the function takes place at the school or not). A vehicle is considered a small charter vehicle if it is licensed as an Omnibus and the number plates contain the words ‘small charter vehicle’ and ‘Western Australia’ (or ‘WA’). A vehicle is considered a country charter vehicle if it is licensed as a taxi-car under section 47ZD of the Transport Coordination Act 1966 and has the following conditions attached (or conditions to the same effect): § The vehicle must not have a taxi-metre fixed to it; § The vehicle must not display taxi signs; and § The vehicle must not be operated from taxi ranks, in plying for hire, or in soliciting passengers on roads or other public places for the purpose of hiring. A ‘responsible adult’ is defined in section 125(2)(b) as: “…an adult who is a parent, step-parent, spouse, de facto partner or legal guardian of the juvenile, or other person in loco parentis to the juvenile”. Where BYO liquor consumption takes place in a small charter vehicle, the vehicle is deemed to be ‘regulated premises’ under section 122 of the Act. Offence provisions under section 122 and section 115 therefore apply to the supply of liquor to juveniles and drunk persons, the consumption and possession of liquor by juveniles and the consumption of liquor by drunk persons on these premises. More details are available at www.rgl.wa.gov.au/          Whatever type of limousine you choose be safe and have fun.